• Currently Reading for Instapaper

    August 21st 20172 min read

    Contribution by Angel Shoilev

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  • Improved IMDB watchlist for iOS

    May 20th 20162 min read

    IMDB is not the sexiest product around, but it’s extremely useful and has virtually no real alternatives. With a database so rich it’s a priceless resource (and it’s free). One of the features I use the most is IMDB’s watchlist. Pretty standard stuff, kind of like Instapaper for movies. I prefer saving movies inside the app instead of in Instapaper or a Reminders list. It’s super convenient to see more info with a single tap, including rich previews with posters.

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  • A reasonable hamburger menu replacement with Flexbox

    March 25th 20164 min read

    Hamburger menus are the prevalent way to access the majority of a site’s navigation these days. Last year, I believe it’s become clear that the hamburger is a subpar approach that screams desktop first. The reasoning is pretty simple: we create large, unnecessarily complex navigations for desktops and try to fit them on screens with far less real estate. Thus, the junk drawer is born, hiding even the primary navigation from the user.

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  • The need for an “Online” system indicator

    February 29th 20163.5 min read

    Going offline for a while feels amazing when it’s us who pick when it happens. On the other hand, going offline unexpectedly because of a network problem is frustrating. It happens all the time: poor home/office connections, during flights, in areas with poor wireless connectivity, among others.

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  • Better progress indicators for Instapaper and Pocket

    February 19th 20162.5 min read

    I’ve always been a big fan of read it later services. Instapaper was one of the most used apps on my original iPhone. Later, I switched to Readability and finally settled on Pocket for a few years. Recently, I switched back to Instapaper and I’m quite pleased with the product. Through the years, a few things keep bugging me about read it later apps, one of them being dealing with reading progress.

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  • Frequently used contacts for iOS

    January 31st 20163.5 min read

    No other generation has had the chance to communicate with so many people through such a wide variety of channels than ours. Yet, majority of online interactions are formed by a small group of repeating actions. In most cases, we communicate with a single individual through a single channel. Send an iMessage to mom and dad, email a coworker, reach a group a friends through Messenger. It’s probably what you end up doing every time you pull up the share sheet. Yet, there’s no quick way to do it.

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  • Better symbols for Sketch

    January 14th 20165 min read

    Since I started designing in the browser, I haven’t used Sketch for UI work too often. Coming back for a project that required using it was a frustrating experience due to the manual way everything is supposed to be done.

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  • Welcome to Improved

    January 12th 20162 min read

    Improved is a place where I can iterate on random ideas that go through my head, unified by the following principles.

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